Washington University in St. Louis: WashU Preview

From the website:

WashU Preview is an all-expenses paid fly-in program for high-achieving high school seniors from diverse backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

During this special visit program, we will show students what makes WashU the “Best College Campus” in the United States and learn more about our dynamic and supportive community. Students will stay in residential halls, visit classes, and meet our current students and faculty. Students will also learn about the application process, financial assistance, and scholarship resources available to them.

WashU Preview is an invitation-based program. Students interested in learning more about WashU and visit opportunities, including WashU Preview, should fill out a Getting to Know You form.


  1. How do I apply for WashU Preview?
    WashU Preview is an invitation-based program. There is no application. Students who would like to learn more about visit opportunities at WashU, like WashU Preview, should fill out a Getting to Know You form (https://pathway.wustl.edu/register/getting-to-know-you). Filling out this form will allow you to be considered for visit programs and other special opportunities, as well as demonstrate your interest in learning more about WashU's diverse, supportive, and dynamic community. We encourage students to fill out this form by August 1st, or as soon as they have their junior year grades available. Students who are invited to WashU Preview will hear from us by mid-September.

  2. Who is invited to WashU Preview?
    High-achieving high school seniors from diverse backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education and live in the United States, Mexico, or Canada. WashU values a community of students who challenge themselves academically and embrace new people, new experiences, and new ideas. Due to the size of the program, we are unable to invite all qualified students.

  3. What do students do at WashU Preview?
    Students will stay in a dorm with a current student, learn about WashU through information sessions and panels, and get to interact with current students at a Welcome Dinner, student group activities, and classes.
    Some examples of past activities include:

    • A Welcome Session introducing you to WashU. Learn about our academics, campus life, St. Louis, as well as admissions, financial aid and scholarships

    • A student-led campus tour

    • Dinner hosted by our scholarship programs - Meet the other visiting students and some current students to learn about our community on campus

    • Performance showcase by current student groups

    • A late-night activity to help students get to know campus and the other Preview attendees a little better

    • Academic programming, panels, and classes – get to know what makes our academic culture so unique

    • Lunch with our Academic Deans

  4. What does "all-expenses paid" mean?
    We cover travel expenses to and from campus, housing on campus, and all meals while you are on campus. We do not cover baggage fees or the cost of travel from your home to the airport (cab, Uber, etc).

  5. How will students get to campus from the airport? 
    Staff will be at the airport to greet students arriving by plane into St. Louis. They will make sure they are put onto a shuttle that will bring them directly to campus. Staff will also check all students out and get them on a shuttle back to the airport for their departure. 

  6. Are parents/guardians permitted to attend WashU preview?
    Sure! We will have specific events offered for visiting parents and guardians (or another adult that assists you with the college selection process), including a welcome reception and a lunch, and families will receive their own itinerary upon arrival. If a family member or guardian is planning to attend, make sure to let us know on your registration form. Note: we are unable to provide funding for parents/guardians for travel or lodging.

  7. I filled out the Getting to Know You Form, but wasn't invited to WashU Preview. Should I still apply to WashU?
    Yes! Due to the size of the program, we aren't able to invite all interested and competitive students to WashU Preview. We still encourage you to apply to WashU – and look forward to getting to know you better! You are also welcome to visit WashU on your own – we offer campus visits Monday-Friday and some Saturdays throughout the year. Check out our Visit Scheduler to learn more.

  1. More questions? Email Preview@wustl.edu.