University of St. Thomas: Fly-in Program

Visit St. Thomas using our fly-in program.

Visit St. Thomas using our fly-in program! St. Thomas can cover a portion of your travel costs when you come to campus for a personalized admissions visit or admitted student event.

The program will reimburse half the cost of your airline ticket. If you require transportation to and from campus, we will also reimburse your cab fare.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a high school senior admitted to the University of St. Thomas as a regular, full-time, degree-seeking first-year student

  • Live in a state that is non-contiguous to Minnesota*

  • Complete the fly-in voucher request form below

  • Use your voucher to either:

    • Arrange a personalized visit to campus through the Office of Admissions

    • Attend one of the following student events:

      • Tommie Overnights

      • Opus College of Business Scholarship Day

      • Science, Mathematics and Engineering Scholarship Day

      • Residence Life Event

      • Admitted Student Days

  • Submit your fly-in waiver and all receipts either by the day of your arrival or within 30 days of visiting campus

*The following states are not eligible to use the fly-in program: Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa.

While we invite family members to accompany students on visits to campus, this offer only applies to students admitted to the university and not to their parents/guardians or other family members. Parent/guardians or other family members will be responsible for their own accommodations.