University of Pennsylvania: Penn Early Exploration Program (PEEP)

From the website:

Penn is proud to host, PEEP, an annual fall fly-in program with a focus on serving low-income students from historically underrepresented backgrounds attending high school in the United States.

Before high school seniors across the country finalize their college lists and submit their college applications, the Admissions Office hosts a 3 day, 2 night preview of the academic and social life at the University of Pennsylvania. Students invited to the Penn Early Exploration Program (PEEP) will have all costs associated with food, housing, and transportation to Philadelphia fully sponsored by Penn Admissions.

Why do we host PEEP?

  • To highlight the unique academic pathways, support network and social atmosphere at Penn, an Ivy League institution

  • To demonstrate how Penn’s affordability and grant-based financial aid allows students to study what matters to them

  • To provide practical advice students can use to strengthen their college applications to highly selective institutions

Who should apply?

Students involved in community-based organizations that focus on increasing access to higher education are encouraged to apply. Programming will feature content that may be of particular interest to students from historically underrepresented groups. Given Penn's firm commitment to enrolling a talented and diverse class, we are specifically seeking students:

  • Graduating from a U.S. high school this year

  • From a low-income background or who will be the first in their family to attend a 4-year college

  • Demonstrating high academic achievement and/or leadership

  • Interested in studying liberal arts, business, engineering, and/or nursing

Consider this before applying...

Contact your desired recommender now–before you apply. Include this link (or attach the document) and ask if your teacher, counselor, mentor, or community-based organization advisor is willing to write a recommendation on your behalf. Trust us, the additional time to prepare will be much appreciated!

Type and save your essay in separate document before beginning the application, so you can easily upload it when you're ready.

Keep in mind that space is limited for this program, and the Penn Early Exploration Program decision will have no impact on your potential undergraduate admission to the University of Pennsylvania.

Required Application Components

Online Application

*Please note you will not be able to save & return to this form once you begin

Academic Materials

  • Unofficial Transcript or Report Card (showing final grades for all courses)

  • Cumulative GPA

  • Class rank (if applicable)

  • Senior year course schedule High School Profile

  • SAT, ACT, PSAT, or Pre-ACT (PLAN) scores


*Activities list and/or optional resume

Letter of Recommendation

*Please provide the name & email address of your recommender


Upon establishing the University of Pennsylvania, our founder, Benjamin Franklin, stated that, "the great aim and end of all learning is service to society." With Franklin's mission in mind, we are interested in learning about your academic interests – what they are, and why they excite you – and how you envision shaping your college experience to enable you to impact society.

*Up to 650 words

Academic Interest

  • Undergraduate School (The College of Arts & Sciences, The School of Engineering and Applied Science, The Wharton School (of Business), or The School of Nursing)

  • Optional Coordinated Dual Degree program (if you are seriously considering pursuing two full undergraduate degrees at once, note which one)

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