Kalamazoo College: Intercultural Fly-In Program

From the website:

This program is for students who:

  • Are from an under-represented background

  • Are interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion at Kalamazoo College

  • Have applied and been admitted to the College

Apply for the Intercultural Fly-In program today!

Program Information:

Due to the large number of applications we’ve received in the past, we expect selection for the Intercultural Fly-In program to be competitive. For students accepted into the Intercultural Fly-In program, the College will cover airfare or other travel costs, provide meals and provide overnight accommodations on campus.

As part of their visit, students will learn about diversity and inclusion on our campus, connect with current students from a variety of backgrounds and get a chance to see if they might be a good fit for our awesome community. Students will also participate in the Visit the Zoo admitted student celebration.

For more information about the Intercultural Fly-In, please contact: 
Andrew Grayson
p 269.337.7174