Seizing Every Opportunity Career Program: College Students

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Go from Campus to Career with SEO

What if you could have a program that not only gave you access to the best companies in the world, but showed you how to thrive in them? 

What if you could have a coach by your side, creating custom training for you, helping you with your resume, your presentation skills and giving you the inside scoop on company culture specific to your industry of choice? 

You can. Welcome to the SEO Career difference.

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SEO Career is a free program that helps Black, Hispanic and Native American college students secure internships with partner organizations, and gives them the best chance to land a return offer.

Phase One: Edge

Provides you everything needed to prepare for interviews and be competitive for internship opportunities with SEO Career partners.

Phase Two: Success

Prepares you to secure full-time offers and become best positioned for professional retention and advancement.

Through both phases of SEO Career, you receive:

Live Instruction: 1-on-1 and group practice, personal assessments, coaching and feedback
Online Resources: Industry concepts, interview soft skills development and online curriculum
Exclusive Events: Campus workshops, regional clinics, firm explorations, networking and social events
Network: Successful alumni, industry leaders, senior executives and expert speakers
Acess: To coveted internships and full-time positions

Excel in your Internship

Only trainees who have completed Edge and accepted internships with SEO partners are eligible to move onto the next phase of the program — Success.

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Program Commitment:

  • Completing online technical training coursework specific to your industry/internship to enhance your technical skills and knowledge

  • Maintaining contact with your Career Coach, an excellent resource to help you with any advice on how to navigate corporate culture and the offer process

  • Participating in interview preparation for potential partner interviews

  • Attending required Career events (including the week-long Career Summit in NYC)

Application Qualifications:

  • You must be a Black, Hispanic or Native American student enrolled in an accredited, four-year, U.S. college or university

  • Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are welcome

  • All majors

  • GPA of 3.2. or above required for competitive candidates; Candidates with a GPA of 3.0 will be considered

While all are welcome to apply, we target U.S. Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergraduates (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors).

All undergraduate candidates must be attending an accredited, four-year, U.S. college or university. Transfer students must provide a transcript from both institutions and a cumulative GPA. Transfer students from a 2-year school must have a GPA at their 4-year school.

Freshmen may apply in their fall semester without a GPA. All other candidates must have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA to be eligible. We will also take your SAT or ACT scores into consideration as do our partner companies.

All majors are welcome. Relevant majors and/or coursework for specific roles are strongly encouraged. For example, finance, accounting, economics, STEM, and related business majors for business roles and computer science or electrical engineering for technology roles.

International students at U.S. institutions, who have F-1 visas and OPT or CPT work authorization, are eligible to apply. International exchange students are not eligible.

Competitive candidates exhibit:

  • A drive to succeed as evidenced by academic achievement, professional experiences, and campus involvement

  • A willingness to learn and take on new challenges

  • A leadership orientation, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to thrive in team environments

  • Professionalism, maturity, and strong communication skills

  • Business acumen, attention to detail, and comfort with quantitative concepts (for business internships)

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities

What will I receive?


  • Selected participants will receive free business, finance, or technology career prep resources, training, and coaching through Edge

  • Current freshmen are encouraged to apply, given they complete their first year of college before starting an internship.


  • Selected participants will receive free business, finance, or technology career prep resources, training, and coaching through Edge

  • Sophomores/Juniors may be selected for internships with our partners.

  • If you are seeking an internship, you are encouraged to apply to receive career prep resources, training, and coaching through Edge

Seniors/College Grads

  • Seniors/College grads interested in business, finance, and technology are not eligible for Edge or internships through Career

    When should I apply?

    It’s best to apply as soon as possible. We review applications for Edge on an ongoing basis and candidates are selected to receive career prep resources, training, and coaching year-round.

    Candidates seeking summer internships with our partners will be reviewed monthly from October through April and make selections on a rolling basis. There are approximately six rounds for internship consideration: October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, and March 1.

    Final deadlines will vary by internship. Candidates who apply after the final deadline may be considered at our discretion:

    • December 15: Consulting and Sales & Trading internships

    • January 1: International students for Business and Technology internships

    • April 1: All other Business and Technology internships

    Note: You may apply at any time to Edge for professional development support, beginning in your freshman year of college.

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