Shawn Carter Foundation + IIE/Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Partnership: Study Abroad Scholarships

IIE/Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Partnership

The partnership between the Shawn Carter Foundation and the Institute for International Education (IIE)/Gilman International Scholarship Program is designed to expand the global experiences and leadership opportunities for underserved students through establishment of full study-abroad scholarships.

Eligible Shawn Carter Scholars will undergo a screening and selection process by IIE/Gilman and a short list of recommended students will be forwarded to Shawn Carter Foundation for final selection of awardees. All students are required to complete a follow-on service project so that their study abroad experiences and insights are shared back with their home, school and communities, a necessary component of “giving back.” To inquire about our study abroad program, please visit our contact us page. To apply for a scholarship, visit the Gilman Scholarship Program website at