Scholastic Art & Writing Scholarships - Up to $10,000

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Special Achievement Awards

The Scholastic Awards partner with organizations to offer students scholarships and Special Achievement Awards: Special opportunities to receive additional scholarships for works in certain categories or dealing with particular themes. The various categories are listed below.


Portfolio Awards

The Portfolio Awards, made possible by generous individual donors and other supporters, provide 16 Gold Medal Portfolio recipients with $10,000 scholarships and 30 Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio recipients with $1,000 scholarships.

American Voices & Visions Medals

American Voices & Visions Medals, the highest regional honors, are given to one artist and one writer from each region.

Best-in-Grade Award

The Best-in-Grade Award, underwritten by Bloomberg Philanthropies, provides 24 students (two artists and two writers per grade 7–12) with $500 scholarships.

Civic Expression Award

The Civic Expression Award, underwritten by the Maurice R. Robinson Fund, provides six students whose works best promote responsible civic life with $1,000 scholarships.

The ESA Foundation Award for Video Game Design

The ESA Foundation Award for Video Game Design, underwritten by the Entertainment Software Association Foundation, provides two students who exhibit excellence in video game design with $1,000 scholarships.

The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon

The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon, underwritten by The Herb Block Foundation, provides three students who exhibit excellence in editorial cartoons with $1,000 scholarships.

New York Life Award

The New York Life Award, underwritten by the New York Life Foundation, provides six students whose works explore personal grief, loss, and bereavement with $1,000 scholarships.

One Earth Award

The One Earth Award, underwritten by an anonymous donor, provides four students whose creative works encourage the awareness of, and meaningful responses to, pressing issues of climate change with $1,000 scholarships. In addition, special awards are also available for students and educators from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The Alliance/ACT-SO Journey Award

The Alliance/ACT-SO Journey Award, in partnership with NAACP’s Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO), provides travel stipends for up to ten ACT-SO scholars, who also receive Scholastic Art & Writing Awards’ National Medals, to attend the National Ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

Portfolio Scholarships

Gold Medal Portfolio 

Scholarships of $10,000 are presented to 16 students earning a Gold Medal for their portfolio.

Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio

Scholarships of $1,000 are presented to select students earning this award.

Summer Scholarships

High-achieving students with financial need can apply for the opportunity to attend creative summer programs tuition-free through the Scholastic Awards Summer Scholarships program. Students who receive these scholarships will be able attend day camps, boarding programs, pre-college programs, and much more, at prestigious arts and literature organizations and schools across the country.

Students can apply for Summer Scholarships via their Scholastic Awards accounts.

Scholarship Partners

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partners with colleges and universities to earmark scholarships for college-bound Scholastic Awards recipients. While scholarships for graduating seniors are designated through the Alliance’s Scholarship Partners, they are not guaranteed. Each university has the final decision-making authority on awarding these scholarships.