Angela Award - $1,000

This award honors one female student in grades 5–8, who is involved in or has a strong connection to science. The award has been established in honor of Gerry Wheeler, Executive Director Emeritus, and his outstanding dedication to NSTA and lifelong commitment to science education.

Eligibility: Any female student in grades 5–8 who is a resident of the United States, US Territories, or Canada, and is enrolled in full time public, private, or home school. NSTA employees, NSTA Board and Council members, award judges, and their immediate families are NOT eligible to apply.
Award: $1,000 US EE Savings Bond or Canadian Savings Bond purchased for the equivalent issue price. The awardee will be honored at the Teacher Awards Banquet at NSTA's National Conference.

Criteria for Judging

Excellence of involvement or strong connection to science is the main criteria for selection of the recipient.

★ Extent of involvement in and passion for STEM

★ Evidence of sustained accomplishments or progress/interest in STEM

★ Evidence that the student’s interest in STEM has impacted others

★ Quality of support materials


★ Letter of nomination from teacher, parent (homeschool only), school administrator, or community leader as pdf file

★ An essay written by the student about her interest and involvement in STEM (character equivalent up to 500 words)

★ Student is encouraged to include in essay future aspirations in STEM

★ Two letters of support from individuals who can give evidence of how the student meets the specific criteria for this award. Letters must not exceed two pages each, and must accompany application as pdf files (parent-homeschool only)

★ Character equivalent of up to two pages of support materials are required; as pdf file only

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